Security Guard Business

We examine your security system, plan, arrange guards, and forecast/prevent incidents and accidents.



  • Prevent incident, accident and disaster with entry check, attendant, patrol, etc.
  • Guide and protect vehicles and pedestrians and take measures for neighborhood.
  • Prevent crimes such as shop lifting, pick-up, etc. in department and supermarket. Keep customers safe and take appropriate measures when incident occurs.
  • Security guards patrol by vehicle in facilities and check for safety.
  • Consult with clients to allocate equipments to prevent fire, gas leakage and theft and make proper installation plan.



  • Guide pedestrians or vehicles at the place where festival or concert is held for smooth operation, accident prevention and smooth traffic.
  • Protect pedestrians from road construction and guide vehicles for safe operation.


  • Transport cash and mail for bank, department store, supermarket, etc.
  • Transport valuables such as jewelry, artwork, important documents, etc. using special vehicles. General cargo transport and valuable transport.


  • Protect VIPs.